Puzzles for early childhood education using Augmented Reality (AR)

Possess augmented reality source technology that can be implemented in smart device, We will lead the market with leading technology.
Currently, 96 kinds of 2D character images are converted to 3D image, so that know-how about image image conversion
Expert manpower to carry on this business with experience of building and distributing existing Android based mobile POS system

Core Technology

Recognition Rate

An efficient augmented reality system has a real-time interaction with the user, both real and virtual. Our Beyond Limit's strength is the 3D realization of a realistic feeling that is gently matched in a three-dimensional space with no sense of difference. We are aiming to continuously develop the technology so that the 3D characteristics of the virtual environment and the real environment are precisely matched.

The surroundings are converted to 3D via a single stereo camera to track the position of their current position or object. It is a technology to track the position of the markered object, so that the image realized as augmented reality can be recognized as it moves. It has advanced augmented reality technology capable of recognizing images with invisible digital signals.

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