Business Introduction


Augmented Reality (AR)

Marketization of products and enhancement of quality, Commitment to a successful market entry, Opportunity to preoccupy overseas markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam. We have designed a variety of play tools for each size, so that you can enjoy learning as you actually experience. We tried to maximize the reality that seemed to appear in front of the eyes, as the 3d-shaped experience characters that enhance the reality are combined with the sound. In order to naturally expand the range of learning, we also support English language services to help students learn various languages.

Commitment to a successful market entry, Reinforcing the Korean augmented reality education market as a leader in the augmented reality education industry, where education is hot, It is possible to search for expansion of business through application of technology as a linkage industry of medical, games, and services.

Components of Augmented Reality

Providing high-efficiency service through advanced technology development Improve product quality. Consulting for the use of products and seeking opportunities to advance into overseas markets Opportunity to set direction for commercialization. Successfully exporting new products based on overseas expansion Strengthening global competitiveness and creating added value.

Augmented Reality

Since it has already been developed using technology developed since the 70s, or most often with expensive head-mounted displays, the opportunities for ordinary users have been limited.

Navigation using Augmented Reality

The augmented reality technologies that are applied in various fields are digging deep into the masses through games such as Pokemon games and navigation technologies such as augmented reality.


How to use

It delivers real-life feelings in a moving 3D that is close to reality, and gives your child a vivid educational experience. You can use the product with high recognition rate to represent virtual objects, and you can recognize up to 4 images at the same time. It is composed of 48 kinds of animals and 48 kinds of power tools, and it provides augmented reality of various characters.

Users can experience various experiences and support initial language education and English education with Korean and English support by not only visual but also realistic sound. Simultaneously supports up to 3 smart devices through one authentication code. In addition to learning alone, we have been designed to connect with multiple learners at the same time and train them in various ways.

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