About me

Imagine to reality
Beyond Limit Co., Ltd.

  • April 28, 2015 Established JEESIS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.
  • June 2015 Android based mobile POS development and dissemination
  • August 2016 Changed the name of Beyond Limit Co., Ltd.
  • June, 2017 Acquired certificate of venture enterprise
  • Dec 2017 Developed a baby puzzle based on AR
  • October, 2018 Established company affiliated research institute (Seoul)

Patent / program application, registration result

POS system, augmented reality system and its implementation method, application of ARE trademark registration, etc.

Major commercialization achievements in recent 3 years

Exhibit Performance
  • 2018 Seoul International Sourcing Fair
  • 2018 Shanghai International VR / AR Expo
  • 2018 Jakarta Premium Consumer Goods Exhibition

Preparations for overseas advancement (MOU)

We are striving to establish a strong technology and network that can sign MOU on global network for overseas expansion and open up solid development potential. In order to take into consideration the position of the more advanced consumers, researchers who are experts in each field research and collect data to continuously research and develop. We also strive to improve the quality of our productions by actively utilizing feedback from the purchaser.
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