Our idea

Let's study through play

It is possible to recognize the 3D shape, texture and movement characteristics of an animal or object without any time and space limitation in a home, a kindergarten, It has the effect of providing educational purposes that enable efficient language acquisition through language support such as Korean and English.

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Key Features

From The Imagined World To Reality

3D graphics
for a vivid lifestyle
Provides various augmented
reality characters

Marketization of products and enhancement of quality, Commitment to a successful market entry, Opportunity to preoccupy overseas markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam


We enjoy our work

On behalf of busy and tired parents, It is a new concept education play showing a new world.
Present a new stimulus to your child


Something good for everyone

  • Emma
    It is so fun to study English while playing with animals. I wish my mother would buy another card type. I think it is the biggest advantage to use a smartphone and fun to collect one piece of play cards. I really like to carry it.
  • Katarina
    I was always busy thinking about my children's education even when I came back home. The Beyond Limit product is a great learning tool because I can concentrate on learning with my child and I can participate with my side while I am happy.
  • Tony Johnson
    I have been studying internet lectures etc using smart phone, so I thought that I would be familiar with it, but I am fully excited. I think it's a game, not a study. I think I can do as long as I study like this.
    Tony Johnson
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